The Ford government just announced a catastrophic 30% cut to Legal Aid Ontario funding, increasing to 40% in 2021. The hardest hit will be Ontario’s most vulnerable people, including women fleeing domestic violence, refugees fleeing life-threatening persecution, and innocent people facing prison because they can’t afford a lawyer.

As a result of these cuts, new costs will pile up as Ontario’s already overburdened court system will face extraordinary delays as even more people have to try to be the lawyer they can't afford. Research shows this means court proceedings take much longer and there is a higher likelihood of appeal.

There are three things you can do now to help stop these cuts:

  1. Send Premier Doug Ford, Attorney General Caroline Mulroney and your MPP an email to tell them to stop these heinous cuts. It's easy using the form a little lower down on this page.
  2. Join the fight to stop legal aid cuts. Whether you're a group or individual, we need your support so click here to sign-up.
  3. Tell us your access to justice story.

Email Premier Ford and your MPP to Stop LAO Cuts