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Cuts to Legal Aid: Who Feels it Most? - Stop Legal Aid Cuts Digest

Check out top stories on issues of Access to Justice.

In this edition you will find a compilation of articles examining the services that have been impacted by cuts to legal aid from tenant’s rights advocacy to the loss of duty counsel services.

Sharp rise in no-fault eviction applications for renters in Toronto, new report says, CBC News

Lucas Powers covers the findings of the newest report released by the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO). We Can’t Wait Preserving Our Affordable Rental Housing in Ontario found a disturbing rise in the number of renters being evicted by, “landlords looking to capitalize on the province’s housing shortage.”


Province failing most vulnerable after legal aid ‘gutted,’ lawyer says, CBC News

Ottawa defence lawyer, Leo Russomanno, shares the impact of cuts to a courtroom service that permitted duty council “to stand in when an accused person’s actual defence lawyer couldn’t be in court.”


‘The system is broken:’ Man can’t afford lawyers, don’t qualify for legal aid, CTV News

Bill Graveland covers lack of access to legal aid across the country, exploring legal experts views of how the justice system is failing Canada’s working poor.


Spratt: Everyone loses as the effects of legal-aid cut hit Ottawa, Ottawa Citizen

An overview of why a well-funded legal aid system makes economic and social sense and a look at the results of the Ford Government’s slash to legal aid funding in Ottawa’s bail courts.