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Examining the impacts of Ford government's cuts on Legal Clinics – Stop Legal Aid Cuts Digest

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In this edition you will find a compilation of articles examining the direct impacts on legal clinics in Ontario as a result of the Ford government's cuts to Legal Aid Ontario.

How Ontario’s new legal aid bill will impact Parkdale, Orbiter Dicta

Radhika Sharma examines how the proposed ‘Smarter and Stronger Justice Act’ has already affected the Parkdale Legal Clinic and how it may prevent clinics like Parkdale from being able to advocate for the very people it is supposed to be helping.


Already down $500,000, Parkdale legal clinic spared new funding cut in 2020, Toronto Star

Legal Affairs Reporter Jaques Gallant explores how little difference the government's reversal of the additional $31 million cut will have on the Parkdale Legal Clinic and the damage already done.


Community legal clinics dodge elimination under new justice legislation,

Crime and Justice Reporter Rick Vanderlinde outlines how the government's reversal has temporarily spared clinics like the Community Legal Clinic Simcoe, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, but many questions remain about clinic viability.


Sudbury legal aid clinic 'stretched thin' after provincial cutbacks,

CBC News speaks to officials with Sudbury's legal aid clinic who say they're still reeling from cuts imposed by the provincial government.